A few videos of my recent performance at Ripley Baptist Temple's Wild Game Dinner.


Adam, Will, Larry, and Swanagan

Last Friday evening I joined Will Stewart (guitar and vocals), Larry Thompson (guitar), and Swanagan Ray (bass) for our annual performance at Ripley Baptist Temple’s Wild Game Dinner featuring guest speaker Chad Schearer from the Outdoor Channel and editor of Black Powder Guns & Hunting magazine. Will sang his tear-jerking Five Pounds of Opossum, then he and I sang Farther Along and Are You Afraid to Die? I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to play with these fellas. Here are a few videos of our music. I hope you enjoy them, and as always, I’d love to hear what you think!


Adam, Will, Larry, and Swanagan

Five Pounds of Opossum

Farther Along & Billy in the Low Ground

Are You Afraid to Die?


5 Responses to “The Baptist Bluegrass Boys”

  1. geemom Says:

    Cute kid in the second video!!!

  2. AJ Says:

    I’m partial to that ‘possum singer!

  3. Patty Stainback Says:

    Adam I am so proud of you!! We enjoyed your music and wish you were local so you could come sing at our church!! Keep up the terrific work! love and hugs, patty

  4. Patty Burdette Says:

    Great job! You are a bright spot with all your extended family. Your success is well deserved. ~P~

  5. Faye Hart Says:

    I love this website, but can not get the music to play
    (help) tell how to get it to play all at one time
    Thanks Faye

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