Sitting here by the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the northern shore of Prince Edward Island I thought I’d take a minute to reflect on my performance last weekend on Little Cranberry Island in the Cranberry Isles.


Off the coast of Little Cranberry

Robin Kessinger invited me to play this unique venue with him just off the coast of Maine. The friendly islandThe Neighborhood House community gave us a warm welcome to Little Cranberry and a great turn out for the concert at the Neighborhood House. Robin conducted a workshop most of the day, and the concert took place that evening. Robin and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and I think the audience enjoyed our performance almost as much as we enjoyed playing for them.Me & Robin on Stage

Among the highlights of the evening was Robin’s soulful rendition of the Pink Panther. It was a blessing to see him back to his old self again after his recent stroke. This time getting to play with Robin was an answer to prayer.Church

I would especially like to thank Mark Howard and Skip Stevens for inviting us to play and coordinating the event. Thank you guys for the opportunity to play on Little Cranberry and catch a glimpse of life on the island. I hope I’ll get to come back some day!Robin tells a joke!

I’ve also been practicing for the New England Fatpickin’ Championship in Cornish, Maine this Saturday. Check back soon for the results of the contest.



5 Responses to “A Little Cranberry Jamin’”

  1. Mark Thompson Says:

    Hey Adam,

    I hadn’t known about Robin’s stroke. I’m so glad to hear he is back in action. It was good to pick with you and Robin at his workshop last September in St. Albans. You two sure put me through my paces, but I learned a lot.

    I was at the Wayne Henderson Festival and you sounded great. The guitar competition was fierce.

  2. Erica Says:

    Hey Adam,
    Hope you all are having a great time. Keep us posted on the happenings. Have you tried any lobster yet? Keep in touch. Love you all!

  3. Skip Stevens Says:

    Hey Adam,

    Thanks so much for commenting on this event and remembering our little island community. It was really great to meet you and your family and hear you play with Robin. I sure had a lot of fun, both in the workshop and at the concert.


  4. Terri Massie Says:

    Hi Adam.

    What a great experience! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip and the competition. I hope your mom took lots of pictures.

  5. Jeff & Patty Says:

    Hi Adam,

    Your pictures are great! We are glad to hear you had such a good time too. Thanks for keeping us posted on all your travels and competitions. You are an inspiration to folks of all ages!

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