Three Blind Mice

April 7, 2009

I spent the day in Lincoln County today teaching guitar (More on what I've been up to at a later date.), and I thought you all would enjoy hearing our little "guitar orchestra".

We’ve been getting ready for our concert coming up in a few weeks. So, without further ado, here’s Ashley, Laura, Ryan, Nathan, Cody, Alex, Caleb, Trenton and Tyler playing Three Blind Mice.

If you’d like to hear these guitar pickers live along with over thirty more students performing come see us at the Clay Center on April 28, at 6:30. Free admission!


6 Responses to “Three Blind Mice”

  1. Caleb Browning Says:

    Yo,this is caleb herr That thing we did wuz so cool when is the concert by the way? tell me next tuesday Holla back

  2. ashley manns Says:

    heyy…thisissoookool!!**see ya next wensday!!!


  3. Jane Nicholas Says:

    Hey Adam,

    My babies were wonderful!!!!!!

  4. Debbie Graff Says:

    Adam, what a great teacher you must be! The kids music and timing sound great and maybe just as important, they sound like they ejoy your leadership!

  5. Adam's Mom Says:

    This makes my taxi service to Lincoln County so worthwhile! Great job, guys! Can’t wait to hear you play at the Clay Center on the 28th!

  6. Laura Williamson Says:

    hey when is the concert and what time. we sound great too email my brother back later.

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